Strathdearn Daycare

Well what a fantastic first couple of weeks, the children have all settled in extremely well and seem to be having a ball! Both myself and Sarah are very passionate about the benefits of outdoor play to enhance learning through play. Whenever possible children have been outdoors, whether it’s playing on rope swings, climbing trees, playing in the woods or visiting the park there is something for everyone to meet their individual abilities. Already we have witnessed the children’s confidence and self esteem grow so quickly. Outdoor play is a great opportunity for “risk in play” where children can encounter certain types of risks which help children to learn how to manage those risks, giving them long term developmental benefits such as overcoming challenging situations.

We would like to thank Mrs Bell and Mrs Mackay for being so supportive, helpful and making us feel welcome in their nursery, the transition from nursery over to day care has been very smooth so thanks ladies. Also to Ms Banks & all the staff, including your awesome cleaner Mrs Noble and handy man Mr Cameron for all your support and kindness you have all made this super easy for us, there is no job too small. We already feel part of your team.

The parents have already shown great support and involvement in the centre already, thanks your involvement is very much needed, welcomed and appreciated!

The children have shown a big interest in famous five and are developing a play based on this; it will be performed at our open day which is on 14th of June at 4.30 in the nursery. Invitations will be going out soon.

The committee continue to do a marvellous job behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly.


Claire Ford

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