Butterfly Invasion

Anne Omand contacted us about a butterfly project.  She has written about what these butterflies are for and the children all helped with this.

The artist -Tasha Lewis

Location – New York City

Project name – Swarm:World Migration

Most of us like to take photos when we travel or go on holiday to capture a memory or to share with friends and family. The NYC based artist, Tasha Lewis, is not able to travel as much as she would like, so she had the idea of creating a swarm of butterflies that could be sent out around the world to chosen people in a host of countries. Each fabric butterfly (4000 in total) was dyed and cut by hand and a tiny magnet sewn in. Once complete they were sent on their way in packages of 400. The idea being that the willing participants would take them out into their communities and to local landmarks, stick them, photograph them, and send them on. Once the butterflies are all returned to New York, Tasha will create an exhibition of the images from around the globe, and eventually a book is planned.

Photos can be seen here: http://swarmtheworld.tumblr.com/

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