Message from Laura Tucker

“As you may know, I am involved in Girlguiding and I am interested to know whether there would be a demand from the girls in Strathdearn for a Rainbow and/or Brownie unit to be started up again.

There are some girls in the area already on a long waiting list for joining units in the Inverness area and we have had some possible interest from a potential volunteer to help us re-start a unit.

The girls most likely to benefit would be those aged 5 to 7 (Rainbows) and 7 to 10 (Brownies). There would also be opportunities for older girls in the community to get involved as young volunteers (great for CV’s and college/university applications).

Of course we’d also be interested in hearing from members of the community that would be interested in making this happen for the girls. There are many different options when it comes to volunteering with Girlguiding, so please don’t be afraid to enquire.

Please feel free to email me on if you’d like some more information and I’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible. You may want to visit the Girlguiding website for information too:

Laura Tucker”

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