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Our ECO Committee








Our new ECO Committee

Eco members 2


We were awarded our 3rd Green Flag!  We are delighted that all our hard work is recognised.





June 2014

We have applied for our 3rd Green Flag and the ECO assessor, Rachel, is coming to our school on Monday 30th June.  We hope that she will be very impressed with what she sees.

17 June 2014


We had our second uplift of our Rag Bags.  Well done to all those

19 May 2014

Just a reminder that as well as Litter, we are focussing this year on Waste Minimisation and Food and The Environment.  Thanks to the ECO Committee’s idea, we now have a Rag Bag bank in the school car park.  Two weeks ago, 111kg of recyclable goods were uplifted.  Fantastic news!

We continue to grow many tasty vegetables in our garden.  We recently pulled up some tasty spring onions, carrots and more delicious lettuce and ate them at lunch.

We have now planted runner beans, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries.

IMG_0761 IMG_0762 IMG_0777

12 May 2014

We are still encouraging people to take part in Waste Free Wednesdays.  6 people came with a waste free lunch today so well done to those who remembered.  28 people had waste free snacks which is BRILLIANT!!  Keep it us guys.



1st May 2014


Great news about Waste Free Wednesday… 26 people had waste free snacks and an amazing 9 people brought in waste free packed lunches. Well done everybody. Let’s see if we can beat that number next week.



We have reviewed the Eco code

Our Eco code 2014

We’re green, we’re supreme,

Our school is an Eco machine

Reduce, reuse, and recyle

It’s the right thing to do

We like to save paper

We like to do it all

We,re green, we’re supreme

And we’re a healthy machine.




Because the P4-7 class are away skiing for the next few weeks, our Trash Free Day will now be Waste Free Wednesdays ! , Remember, no packaging!!

From Tuesday 25th February, The ECO Committee are setting everyone a challenge.

The challenge is that you bring in NO RUBBISH or PACKAGING at all on a Tuesday.  That means you could bring a piece of fruit.  If you are bringing in a packed lunch, don’t use cling film – bring your sandwiches, etc in a reuseable tub.  Drinks could be in bottles that can be used again.  Leave any plastic juice bottles or cartons of juice at home that day and help make our planet a better place!

More info will be sent out by the ECO Committee.

We have now got a new Strathdearn Primary School litter poem

Litter poem

Take care of our planet, put litter in the bin

Do what’s right and we will win

Recycle when you can, reduce and reuse

When you see a bin put your litter in.


Our areas to work on this year are :- Litter, Food and the Environment and Waste Minimisation.  We’ll be sharing more soon.


We now have a new committee and Elle is the Chair.  Rhuairdh is the Secretary and he will be posting information on this page shortly.


Previous years…

September 2013

Although our ECO Committee is not quite up and running yet, we still are very much active in the ECO department!  We are recycling and reusing paper, etc.  We are composting daily.  Our playground is always litter free.  The computers are turned off every day and we make sure we turn lights off when we don’t need them.  We have bought water bottles for each child in the school which are used daily.  We are working on our garden and will be planting in our poly tunnel soon!

Ms Banks 🙂


21st February 2013 Mrs Ferguson and the Eco committee have been busy making sure that the birds are well fed in the garden.

The Eco Committee has been working really hard and the whole school has been awarded the  2nd Green Flag!  

A photograph will be in the Strathy when we receive a certificate. We will also receive a new green flag.

Well done to everyone


We are so excited!! Mrs Bishop and our Janny Mr Cameron, planted the 100 spring flower bulbs that we were sent from Westfields in London. Skye, Rachel and Allister helped too.

EVERYONE MUST KEEP OFF THE BARK AREA SO THAT THE BULBS GET A CHANCE TO GROW.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO                                                                            SEE THEM IN THE SPRING


Meeting on November 3rd.

We had our meeting at lunchtime and we looked at our progress in the 10 areas.  We now have a visual rota of jobs displayed on the Eco Board, now we all know who has to do the various jobs. Each job is done for 1 week only and then we change jobs.

1. Lights, 2. Computers, 3. Litter, 4.  Weigh the waste paper, 5. Compost bins, 6. Feeding the birds and Sophie thought it would be good to include the job of tidying up the library shelves – great idea Sophie.  So that is 7 jobs that will be done every day.

This will be much easier for everyone. 

We also needed a clear litter policy – Skye and Jade volunteered to do  this

Sophie made signs for the computers – and they are now displayed on every computer in the school – Well done Sophie

Next Meeting Thursday 24th November at 1 00pm


Next Meeting of the Eco Committee

The next meeting will be on Thursday 3rd November at 1.00pm – come straight to the classroom after your lunch.

Here are some pictures of our very own homegrown potatoes! Mrs Manson was thrilled about them

Eco Week


This is Steve from the Highland Council and he was brilliant. He reminded us about the


It was fun we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

We had an eco week for the whole school  p5,6,7 made fish from plastic bottles

Primary 1-4 made jelly fish from plastic bags, it looks fun!

We had a great day today! Laura our Active School’s Co ordinator came in and helped us with the Smoothie Bike.  It was brilliant fun, pedalling it and then we tasted our smoothie.  A photograph will be in the Strathy soon too!!


Look how much compost that has came out of our composting bin.

It looks amazing! Mrs Bishop has said it is superb quality compost.

Eco Activity Week

We are having an Eco activity week starting Monday the 5th of September.

Here are some of the activities we are going to be doing:

On Monday: waste free lunch and house points will be  given

Wear Green or rcycleed clothes to school day on Thursday-50p

  • Recycle Art Work
  • Waste Free Lunches
  • 3 R’s by Highland Council
  •  We are having a Smoothie Bike so bring fresh  fruit on Thursday 

Thursday 18th

The eco committee had their first meeting on the 17th and we all have lots of jobs to do. We are also having an ECO ACTIVITY WEEK begining Monday the 5th of September.

More detail soon

Courtney Eco Committee

Our new Eco Committee has been elected and they will be very busy for the next few months.  Our Eco Green Flag status has to be renewed by the end of September.  We have had our first meeting and the children have carried out the Environmental Review with Mrs Cleworth and Mrs Bishop.  The results of this review will be displayed for everyone to read. An Action Plan has been drawn up and you can read it by following the link.

We need to review our present Eco Code to see if it remains relevant.

We have to add two more of the topics as well as the compulsory litter topic and these will be: Waste Minimisation and Water.  Classes will work on these topics as well as continuing work on the other topics covered previously.

Action Plan

This is our action plan.  Please read it and leave a comment – these help us.

This is a weeks lunchtime waste excuding everything composted and recycled . 6th – 10th June.

Look at  how our potatoes are growing!  17th June – P1/2

Second Green Flag Award by September 2011

Attached are the recommendations made during the last Green Flag Award in June 2009. We are going to be busy.

Recommendations from the last Green Flag Award in June 2009

32 Responses to Eco Committee

  1. Elle says:

    I miss being in the eco committee for 3 years in a row!!! 🙂

  2. Emma R and Emma W says:

    Hi Ms. Banks, your school looks very tidy. Do you have litter pickers? .Everyone says hi.Can’t wait to see you doing the weight lifting.

    • Hi Emma and Emma, it is lovely to hear from you! Our school is very very tidy! We do have litter pickers but we hardly need to sue them as we have NO litter in our playground!

      Hope you both are still working hard! See you soon

      Ms B 🙂

  3. Andy Fraser says:

    Those carrots look yumm. How did you cook them? Stephen P4

  4. Andy Fraser says:

    Hey guys, weve just been on your Eco pages, some COOL ideas there. We thought your rag bag collection was great. Well done collecting so much. We liked your Waste Free Wednesday. We do the same but call it Trashless Tuesday!! Other days we eat our snacks in class so there is no litter in the playground. We should try to meet up to swap some ideas, that would be fun. You ask your headteacher and we will ask ours. Byeee!!!! Chloe-Louise P7

  5. kayleigh sharkey says:

    i miss being in the eco committee, the school, all the teachers and pupils

  6. Jade says:

    i am no longer in the Eco committee since I have moved onto the big school

  7. melissa says:

    i LOVE being on the eco commite it is great. and i love every little thing we have done

  8. jade says:

    at last we got our green flag back (YAY)

  9. rachel says:

    i am in the Eco Committe :):)

  10. sophie dey says:

    Have you eaten the potatoes yet?

  11. melissa says:

    I am looking forward to the smoothie bike and Iget to cycle.

  12. Megan says:

    I like been on the Eco Committee

  13. kayleigh says:

    I hope we get our green flag back

  14. melissa says:

    i am in the eco committee and i am am wanting to save as much water as i can. melissa

  15. SOPHIE says:

    i hope we get ourflag back!!!!!

  16. georgia says:

    hiya strathdearn and everyone in it!! good luck for future and good luck winning back your green flag!! xx georgia xx

  17. jade says:

    I am glad I am on the Eco Committee

  18. Elle :) says:

    Eco committe is really good and there is always people willing to help 🙂

  19. Elle :) says:

    i am in the eco committee and we are working really hard to get the jobs done 🙂

  20. courtney says:

    I am in the eco committee and we are all working really hard to try and get our green flag back 🙂

  21. mitch says:

    We are geting there with the notice board so we can keep up with what we are doing

  22. mitch says:

    I’m in the eco committee and we are thinking about putting a board up so we can keep track of what we are doing and we need to get back on track because we have not done nothing for about 4 months but we are trying very hard

  23. Allister says:

    I’m in eco committee 😀

  24. mitch says:

    I hope we will get the bird feeders back up and get the ropes at the back of the school so the birds can sit on so we can look at the birds

  25. mitch says:

    We are putting up a notice board in the entrance hall for everyone to see and one next to one of class rooms to keep everyone informed

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