Full Wrap/Out of School Club

AGM Minutes  November 2016


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Childcare for nursery and primary school aged children

 For more information contact the Strathdearn Daycare team on 07756 856 777 or strathdearndaycare@gmail.com.

 Open:  Monday – Friday during term-time


Full Wrap Around care (FWR)

Who:              Children aged 3 – 5.

Time:             12.10pm – 3.15pm.
Cost:              £10 per child, per day (discount available for siblings).
Meals:           Parents are required to either provide a packed lunch or order a school meal

(payable to the school).


Out of School Club (OOSC)

Who:              Children aged 3 – 12.

Time:             3.15pm – 6pm.
Costs:            £10 per child, per day (discount available for siblings).
Meals:           Healthy snacks available.


Ad hoc sessions

Ad hoc sessions are available for parents who don’t need to use the Strathdearn Daycare Centre on a regular basis – particularly helpful during an emergency or for those who simply need more time.

What:            Occasional use, can be booked in advance or on the day (subject to availability).

Who:              Ad hoc sessions are available for FWR and/or OOSC, see details above.
Time:             As stated in the FWR and OOSC above.
Cost:              £11 per child, per session i.e. £22 for both sessions (discount available for siblings).
Meals:           See FWR and OOSC above.


Healthy snacks and/or drinks are provided.
Registered with the charity regulator and Care Inspectorate.

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