Meet The Staff

Head Teacher :

Mrs Judith Pirie

Class Teachers :

Miss Lesley Morrison & Mrs Anna Moss  (P5,6,7)

Mrs Shona Pringle (P2,3,4)

Miss Anna Shimmield (P1, N4, N5)

Miss Lesley Morrison (P2,3,4 CCR cover on Thursdays)

Nursery Staff

Mrs Fifi Bell – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Deborah MacKay – Early Years Practitioner

Additional Staff:

Mrs Jane Manson                        Clerical Assistant and Pupil Support Assistant

Mrs Sarah Hibbard                     Pupil Support Assistant and Playground Supervisor

Mrs Briony O’Donnell                Support for Learning Teacher

Mr Calum Scott-Woodhouse     Visiting PE Teacher

Mr Lewis Barclay                        Chanter Tutor

Mr Chris Josie                              Youth Music Initiative (Kodaly)

Miss Roe Farren                           Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs Jaqueline MacKenzie          Children’s Service Worker

Practice Lead, Early Years

Practice lead, School Years

Mrs Anna Anderson/Ms Leah MacLean    School Nurse

Health Visitor

Ms Helen O’Donahue                   Educational Psychologist

Tim Allan                                        Active Schools Co-ordinator

Mrs Anne Omand                          School Cook

Mrs Linda Hall                               Cook’s Assistant

Mr Charles Cameron                    Site Maintenance Officer

Mrs Angie Noble                          Cleaning Operator




11 thoughts on “Meet The Staff”

  1. Excellent staff that make our childrens day a very happy one, which makes my working day a little less stressful knowing there well looked after, Yummy food from a fab cook = happy kids, and also not forgetting Beryl Brooks AKA Nanna Toast..:-) who does a fab job! 🙂

  2. I would like to say a huge thank you, on behalf of the Perks family, to all of the staff who do a tremendous job teaching, feeding and generally caring for our children. Well done everyone and don’t think that all of your hard work and effort goes unnoticed.

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